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Aries Rage

Aries Rage is the alias of a young lady in her mid 20s. She takes you on a journey of her love interests and lets you ride on her roller coaster of emotions as one moment it seems she knows what she wants and the next moment she doesn’t. She pours out all her emotions as she entails on everything she goes through.Thus she speaks from the heart.

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A Beautiful Hell

She had a dark chocolate shimmering skin tone; her dread locks fell gloriously on her back. Her height was that of a model, She walked as if she was stepping on glass. Her voice was that of a movie star in a rehearsed kind of way. She was every woman’s nightmare and every man’s fantasy, only the rich guys caught her attention. Vimbai called herself Vee, it was easier for her foreign clients and it blended well with her white friends.

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A Beautiful Hell 2: Redemption

Vimbai made wrong choices and she lost everything_ her dignity, her womb and her mother. Now she plans to go back to the place it all started, the place that took everything away from her. Her mother called her a murderer, she was disappointed by the way her daughter carried herself and she was disgusted by what she did and died from a broken heart. Vimbai wants to redeem herself ...

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Dear Diary

A collection of dark poems.

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Mercury Tears

You don’t have to be rich and famous to tell your story, you only need a story to tell. Mercury Tears follows a journey through life, the hurdles faced, mental breakdowns and heartache.This is a life journey in poetic form.

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